Advanced Facebook Marketing - Future WEB BD
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1. What is Facebook Marketing?
2. Who is this course for?
3. Why you should learn Facebook Marketing?
4. What we will learn in this course?
5. How long will it take to complete this course?
6. How can we make money after completing this course?

1. Discussion about Facebook for Business
2. The basics of Facebook Ads
3. What is a Sales Funnel?
4. How to Create a Sales Funnel on Facebook – CREATE YOUR OWN NOW!

1. How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Page
2. How Do I Claim My Vanity URL on Facebook

1. Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page
2. Why keyword research is very important?
3. What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?

1. What is ChatBot?
2. Why should we use it?
3. Create your own ChatBot for your page
4. Messenger Chat Bots Ultimate Guide

1. The Complete Facebook Ad Copy + Creative Guide
2. What is Facebook Creative Hub?

1. Facebook Ads Funnel

1. The Ultimate Guide to Creating Facebook Ads

1. Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting
2. How to Target a Specific OS and/or Device via Detailed Targeting

1. Budgets, Bidding & Schedules for Facebook Ads
2. How to Create Facebook Page Like Ads Targeting Cheap Countries

1. The Complete Facebook Split Testing Guide
2. How to Split Test Facebook Ad Sets with Campaign Budget Optimization

1. Facebook Campaign Planning
2. Facebook Audiences

1. Lead Generation Ads
2. Lead Generation Ads vs Landing Page Conversion Ads

1. Local Business Ads + Store Traffic
2. Facebook Offers and Facebook Offer Ads

1. Message Ads
2. Call Now Facebook Ads

1. Instagram Ads on Facebook
2. Special Ad Categories for Facebook Ads

1. How to add Payment Method to an Ad Account?
2. Ad Relevance + How to Scale Facebook Ads
3. Have a Question for Facebook Support? MESSAGE THEM and get your solution !!!

1. Facebook Pixel, Standard Events, and Custom Conversions
2. URL Contains or URL Equals?
3. How to install Facebook Pixel on a WordPress website?
4. How to Track a Facebook Pixel Event on Button Click?

1. What is Facebook Business Manager?
2. Why we should use it?
3. Ad Accounts in Business Manager
4. Pages in Business Manager

1. How to Get Access to a Client’s Facebook Page and Ad Account
2. Add an employee to my Facebook Business Manager
3. How to Get Marketing Clients

1. How to Create a Catalog on Facebook
2. How to Set Up Instagram Shopping
3. How to Set Up Dynamic Product Ads + Catalog Sales Campaigns

1. Facebook Engagement
2. 70%-20%-10% + Creating Boosted Posts / Post Engagement Ads

1. How to Create a Viral Video
2. Facebook Videos + Video Views Ads

1. Mastering the Facebook Algorithm
2. Social Media Posting Calendar – Planning is Your Key to Success!

1. Facebook Tracking + Reporting
2. Facebook Insights

1. Why is Social Media Marketing Important?
2. What Content Should I Share?
3. Facebook Events
4. How to Create and Manage a Facebook Group properly?

1. Social Media Management Tools: How to Cut Posting Time in Half
2. FB & Insta post schedule at once using Publishing Tools
3. Creator Studio

1. Create a gig on Fiverr as Ads Campaign Manager
2. Fiverr Tips & Tricks

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