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Module 1- HTML
Day One
Elements – Concept of Tags, Code Writing Concepts
Attributes – Common Attributes of HTML Tags and their Use
Paragraph, Headings and Comments – Making Paragraph, Heading etc
Blocks -Div, Span, Layout and their Usages in Modern HTML
Entities – Character Enteritis, Symbols, their Importance and Use in HTML
Lists – Unordered, Ordered, Description Lists and other List Tags
Day Two
Formatting – Font Formatting, Different Tags to Format Fonts
Links – Implementation of Links, and Description of Link Attributes
Images – Image Tags and its Attributes
iFrames – Syntax of iFrame and its Usages
Entities – Character Enteritis, their Importance and Use in HTML
Day Three
Tables – Detailed Table Attributes and Uses of Table
Create layout using table
Day Four
Implementation of Forms and Validation of Forms
Create a project with form
Module 2- CSS and CSS3
Day Five
Text and Fonts – Text and Font formatting with the help of CSS
Lists – Creating List and List contents with CSS
Links – Styling hyperlinksBorder
Border creation with CSS
Outline – Outline, border, contents
Margin – Explanation of the use of Margin using CSS
Padding – Possible Padding Values, padding Sides and Properties
Day Six
Create a web template with menu bar (Project 1)
Day Seven
Create a web template with menu bar (Project 2)
Day Eight
Menu bar & dropdown menu bar
Module 3- JavaScript
Day Nine
How to Write JavaScript Code
Where to Insert JavaScript
Understanding JavaScript Statements
Idea on Syntax – Number, String, Expressions, Variables, Operators, Assignments
Commenting and its use in JavaScript
Data Types – String, Number, Array, Object, Null
Day Ten
Objects – Property, Method
Security – Public, Private, Protected, Global
Function – Arguments, Returns
Events – Event Based Action Handling
Strings – Handling Strings
Math – Handling Math in JavaScript
Arithmetic – Different Arithmetic Operators
Dates – Working with Date, Month, Year, Time etc
Day Eleven
Array – Working with Array
2 Boolean – Working with Boolean Type variables
3 Comparison – Variable Comparison in JavaScript
4 Condition – If Else Statements, other Condition Handling
5 Loop – For, Do/While, While loops
6 Regular Expression
7 Handling Error
Module 4- JQUERY
Day Twelve
1 Syntax, Selector, Event – Code Syntax, HTML element Selector & Events
2 Hide, Show, Fade – Different effects like Hiding, Showing, Fading
Day Thirteen
3 Animation – Animate with jQuery
4 Add & Remove – Add and Remove HTML Elements using jQuery
5 Get and Set – Get and Set Class or Classes using jQuery
6 Get() and Post() Method – Send and Retrieve Data within Form and Server
Day Fourteen
Bootstrap introduction
Bootstrap Installation
Bootstrap Documentation Details
Day Fifteen
Make a Bootstrap Layout
Bootstrap slider & menubar details
Module 5- SQL
Day Sixteen
What is Database
What was the traditional way of storing Data
What is the modern technology of storing Data
How Database Server and Services help us to store and use Data
What are the basic Tools for Database Management, Starting with phpMyAdmin
Understanding the Interface and Features of php MyAdmin and SQLYog
Day Seventeen
Learning the basic features of phpMyAdmin
How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Database from phpMyAdmin
How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Table using phpMyAdmin
How to Insert, Update, Delete Data using phpMyAdmin
How to Alter Database, Alter Table from phpMyAdmin
Creating, Updating, Deleting DB User Privilege and Permission from phpMyAdmin
Import and Export Data using phpMyAdmin
Day Eighteen
MySQL Intro – How, when and where to use MySQL
MySQL Connect – How to get connected to MySQ
How to Create, Edit, Update, Drop Database from phpMyAdmi
DROP Database – How to Drop a Database
KEYS- Use and Importance of Primary and Unique Key in Database
NULL & NOT NULL – Importance & Contradiction of NULL & NOT NULL
AUTO-INCREMENT – How to Auto-Increment in Database
DEFAULT – MySQL Default and its use
DATE – Date, Time and Timestamps in MySQL Database
CREATE Table – How to Create Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
ALTER Table – How to Alter Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
DROP Table – How to Drop Table using MySQL Query and SQLYog
Day Nineteen
INSERT INTO – How to insert data in a Data-Tables
SELECT – How to select and grab Data from Data-Table (In Different Ways)
WHERE – How to select Data from Database using Conditions
ORDER BY – How to bring Data from Database in Order
GROUP BY – Grouping Database outputs from MySQL
UPDATE – How to Update Data in a Data-Table
DELETE – How to Delete Data of a Data-Table
Module 6- PHP
Day Twenty
Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
Variables, Data Types, Constants – Data Types and Variables in PHP
Operators – Operators in PHP Programming
If…Else…Else-If – Different conditional statements in PHP
Switch – PHP Switch Case
Syntax, Print / Echo – Basic concepts on PHP
Day Twenty One
While Loops – Implementation of While loop
For Loops – Practical implementation of for loop
Arrays – Array and multi-dimensional data handling
Date – Use of Date functions and their Elements
String – Working with Strings using PHP
Day Twenty Two
Error, Exception – Error and Exception Handling using PHP
Custom Functions – Use of Custom Function Development and its Practical uses
Library Functions – Trim, Round, Min, Max etc.
Class and Object – Understanding Class and Object
Day Twenty Three
Form Handling – on-Page and off-Page form handling Technique
Form Validation – Detailed guideline to use Form in PHP
Form Required Field Check – Verifying data that will be accepted by Form
Submitting, Receiving and Verifying Form Inputs using PHP
Dynamic implementation of Forms (Store Data from Form to Database)
Showing Practical on Form Development and its Use
Day Twenty Four
Form Validation – Advance in PHP
Day Twenty Five
CRUD in php with OOP (Insert into database)
Day Twenty Six
CRUD in php with OOP (Image handle)
Day Twenty Seven
CRUD in php with OOP (Data & Image view)
Day Twenty Eight
CRUD in php with OOP (Edit & Update)
Day Twenty Nine
CRUD in php with OOP (Delete & unlink image from server)
Day Thirty
Cookies – How to use Cookies in PHP
Sessions – Use of Session, Guideline about Login-Registration System
Taking a Practice session
Day Thirty One
Multiple admin create & profile management
Day Thirty Two
Admin wise data view & management
Career guidelines

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