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Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting | To know about WordPress Managed Hosting, Firstly you need to know about managed services. Managed services is a solution that is delivered by a service provider that combines flat-rate, unlimited support for a monthly fixed fee.

WordPress Managed Hosting :

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service that provides the most powerful technologies for your WordPress site to make sure your website is both secure and fast. It is optimized hosting platform built on Cloud Container Technology specifically for WordPress websites. This specially tuned hosting environment is designed to allow WordPress site owners to deploy WordPress websites faster with less advanced configuration. In a word, with a Managed WordPress Hosting account, the hosting company handles all tasks related to keeping the WordPress site running smoothly on the internet.

WordPress Managed Hosting Features :

  • Easy-To-Use
  • Keeping the Site Secure
  • Easy WordPress Backups
  • Configuring Site Elements
  • Developer friendly features
  • Handling General Site Maintenance
  • Automatic WordPress core updates & patches
  • Support Services for All Aspects of Running the Site

Advantages and disadvantages of using Managed WordPress Hosting :

Pros of WordPress Managed hosting :

Fast and Secure: A Managed WordPress host offers the latest technologies to make sure your site is fast. They also take care of the security of your WordPress site so that it’s safe from hackers and malware.

Support: Managed WordPress hosting offer premium support to their customers. Their staff is knowledgeable about WordPress and you can easily reach them in case of any problem.

Daily Backups: Your website files are always safe as managed hosts backup your site and database daily. They also allow you to restore your site if you want.

Core Updates: They take care of the core WordPress updates and helps you to secure your site. Some companies even go the extra mile by updating your themes and plugins automatically.

Cons of Managed WordPress hosting :

Only WordPress Sites Allowed: While shared hosting allows you to host any website you want including simple HTML pages, any CMS or Framworks. On the other hand, Managed WordPress Hosting companies only allow you to host WordPress sites on their web servers. This is the major disadvantage of WordPress Managed Hosting.

Expensive: One of the biggest disadvantages of using a managed WordPress hosting service is it’s very expensive when compared to a shared host.

Limitations on Certain Plugins: These services focus on making your WordPress site optimized for speed. In other words, they don’t allow you to use specific plugins that may slow down your site.

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January 7, 2020

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